More heat Friday, but relief is soon on its way

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 3:26 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 23, 2022 at 9:26 PM CDT
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(KSLA) - The heat will still be very high and dangerous on Friday and through the weekend. Starting next week though, a weak cold front will help drop the temperatures and humidity a bit, providing some relief.

Overnight, it will be mostly clear with no chance of rain. We will start your Friday off with clear skies and muggy temperatures. Lows will be in the mid to upper 70s. Dress appropriately as you head out the door in the morning!

Friday will be more of the same from Thursday. Very hot with very limited rain. Temperatures are expected to surpass the 100 degree mark with more humidity. Therefore, it will feel like 105-109 again. Another heat advisory has been issued for Friday starting at 11AM. Remember to stay hydrated in this heat. Especially if you do any sort of physical activity outside in the heat. So for example, if you are going to the Red River Balloon Rally, be extra cautious on the heat and drink lots of water.

This weekend will still be very hot with little to no rain expected. If anything, a very small pin-point shower could pop up Sunday. Temperatures will still be above average and reach up to the triple digits. More heat advisories will likely be issued. Be weary of the heat if you are spending time outdoors like mowing the grass. There will be lots of sunshine with a few small clouds, so it will at least be a couple pretty days.

There is a sign of life early next week. Monday and Tuesday will be slightly “cooler”. Highs will be in the mid 90s. Still hot, yes, but at least we’re not talking triple digits! A “cold” front will be passing through to help knock the temperature and humidity down a little bit. There could also be a few showers that pop up both days. So we will watch the potential for that. It won’t rain everywhere, but anything we get will be helpful.

Wednesday will have a few passing clouds with little to no rain. It should provide a little relief if you see any rain. I just wouldn’t rely on it. Temperatures will still be in the mid 90s, but they will start to increase again after the cold front from Monday. Take advantage of the somewhat cooler weather while you can!

Thursday will be slightly warmer, but only by a degree or two. Temperatures will be up to the mid to upper 90s. There will be a little cloud cover, and maybe a couple showers. Right now, I have a 20% chance of rain for the day.

Quick tropical update, we are still quiet. However, there is now a chance of development within the next 5 days in the Atlantic basin. It is now up to a 20% chance within two days and a 40% chance within 5 days. It is far out in the Atlantic and should struggle to stay alive if it even develops at all by the weekend. I see no threat from this system. We will of course be watching the tropics closely and will First Alert you when something pop up.

Have a great rest of the week and stay cool!

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