Owner says creation of Bella Vista venue off Lake Palestine ‘God thing’

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 1:02 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 17, 2022 at 6:40 PM CDT
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FLINT, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas man discovered a hidden beach after purchasing property his father lost about 45 years ago.

The owner said his mission is to create a place for families to come together and make memories.

“We just want to have a place where people can have their events, their weddings, their birthday parties, and keep coming back year after year,” owner of Bella Vista, Dan Crouch, says.

Bella Vista is an event venue and beach located in Flint off of Lake Palestine.

About 45 years ago, his father had a cabin on the property owned by his friend named Fred. As a kid, he remembers spending family time on the property, and enjoying lake activities.

“Fred basically got sick with cancer and unfortunately on his deathbed told my dad he had had to borrow a little money on it at a bank here at an East Texas bank, back in the late ‘80′s, early ‘90′s and told my dad to go pay it off and he wanted him to have it,” Crouch says.

Before he could do that, Crouch says the bank failed, and it was taken over by the FDIC and sold to a televangelist ministry, who made his father move his cabin off the property.

“Through a lot of trials and unbelievable circumstances the person who ends up being partners with me was with the FDIC and ironically we got the property back 40 some odd years later; lost to the FDIC, gained back through the FDIC,” Crouch says.

After purchasing the property in 2013, Crouch was cleaning up the shoreline which he described as a cesspool of trash and nasty vegetation, when he discovered a hidden gem.

“Unbelievably, there was sand everywhere and I thought, “oh my goodness, is that sand in the water?” Crouch says. “And so, it was cold; I took my boots off and rolled my blue jeans up and walked into the water and sure enough, the whole bottom is hard sand, ripple sand just like the ocean, very clear water, it’s amazing really.”

Over the last few years, he has been turning the property into a place where marriages happen and families make memories together.

Dan Crouch, the owner of the Bella Vista venue located off Lake Palestine, said the way that the life-giving property where marriages come together, and famili

“It’s really overwhelming to understand, or really articulate how this could even happen, that we could have the property, lose the property, get the property back and now being able to share it with other people is just a fantastic ending to this story,” Crouch says.

Crouch says that at the end of the day, he gives all the credit to God because He created it.

He says it’s God’s property, and he is just the guardian and will continue to do what the Lord tells him to do.

Pictured is the private beach at the Belle Vista venue. (Source: KLTV Staff)
Pictured is the private beach at the Belle Vista venue. (Source: KLTV Staff)(KLTV Staff)

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