CHRISTUS Health System speaks on active shooter safety protocols

(KEYC News Now)
Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 5:41 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - With shootings happening on what seems like a more frequent basis, questions on safety protocol arise. The latest shooting at a hospital in Tulsa prompted KSLA to check in with one of the area’s major health systems to find out what safety measures they have in place in the event of an active shooter.

Vice President of Security of CHRISTUS Health System Roy Alston said there are multiple measures in place in case of an active shooter.

During the event of an active shooter, Alston said staff members will be paged through an alert system at the facilities. If staff members are near the threat, they’re already received extensive training called “Run, Hide, Fight.” There are also armed security at all locations that are trained to move toward the threat.

Alston said the security plans are reviewed once a quarter. However, when tragedies like the Tulsa shooting occur, officials re-visit the plans again.

“Incidents like what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma always force us to go back and look at our policies. When the information starts to come out, the details about the situation, we always go back and review our policies and see if there’s something we can do better or adjust our training, add more equipment or do whatever we have to do to adjust to the details of the situation. We learn a lot about these situations, that’s because they are learning points for us,” he said.

Alston also said there are no reported incidents of active shooters at any CHRISTUS Health campus.

CHRISTUS released the following statement on the shooting in Tulsa:

“Our hearts are broken as we hear about another mass shooting. As a CHRISTUS Health- Louisiana ministry we stand together in not only saving lives, but protecting life, condemning all violence and mobilizing during crises. CHRISTUS Health prides itself on its ability to respond quickly to emergencies. We have a highly trained security team and have formed critical partnerships with our community first responders. Critical to this is ensuring that everyone knows that they each have a role to play in our personal and collective safety. That is why we have made it a priority to regularly conduct a variety of emergency training, including active attacker drills with our Associates and clinicians. As healthcare providers in this community, our profession and mission call us to care for and heal patients, and essential to that is making sure our Associates have a safe work environment so that patient care can continue to be our priority. Across each of our ministries, we have a CHRISTUS Health security team protocol plan to ensure that we have open lines of communications so that each of us can actively play a role in preventing and preparing for any emergency situation.”

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