Witness to shooting on Hardy Street describes helping bleeding victim until EMS arrived

Tamiko Hervey and her son, Allen McCray
Tamiko Hervey and her son, Allen McCray(KSLA)
Published: May. 5, 2022 at 3:59 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - A Shreveport woman is describing her experience after shots rang out just steps from her front door, leaving her to help an injured man pleading for help on her porch.

“I heard a boom and I sat straight up ‘cause it was real close to my house. Two minutes later, I heard ‘boom’, then ‘pow pow,’” said Tamiko Hervey.

She’s talking about the moment shots rang out in front of her home Wednesday morning (May 4) in the 3500 block of Hardy Street between Mertis and San Jacinto avenues. A man was shot in the leg.

[Woman reportedly shoots man in leg on Hardy Street while trying to shoot other woman]

“Every other night, you hear gunshots in this neighborhood, but I’ve never heard none that close to my door,” Hervey said.

Shreveport Police Department officials say after an ongoing argument happened between two women, one of the women tried to shoot the other one, but hit the other woman’s brother instead; that man ended up in Hervey’s yard pleading for help.

“The young man was laying on my porch bloody. All I knew was to throw on some clothes real quick, grab a towel, and apply pressure. I held that man’s leg for 12 minutes until the EMTs got here,” said Hervey.

Hervey says blood still stains her porch today, and she fears for her family.

“I feel traumatized ‘cause I feel like I can’t sleep,” she said.

The man knocked on her son, Allen McCray’s, window for help, waking him up. They live just two houses down from where it all began.

“It bothered me to the point to where I’m not safe in this city. I’m like, this is not a place for people to come because either you’re harmed, hurt dead, or shot,” Hervey said.

Hervey used to be a certified medical assistant, so helping the injured man felt like the right thing to do.

“When she saved the man, I’m like, ‘Mom, you’re a hero because you saved somebody life. That could have been me,’” said McCray.

But just like everyone in the community, she’s asking for solutions to the violence.

“What if that bullet would have went through my son’s window and killed him? I’m ready to move now. If I could pack up and move now, I would, but I cannot,” Hervey said.

Shreveport Police say an arrest was made in the case Thursday, May 5. Skyler Thomas, 29, is being charged with second-degree aggravated battery. She was booked into Shreveport City Jail.

Skyler Thomas, DOB: 5/2/1993
Skyler Thomas, DOB: 5/2/1993(SPD)

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