3 Bowie County school districts switching to 4-day school week

Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 2:39 PM CDT
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BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KSLA) - Three Bowie County school districts have approved a four-day week for the upcoming school year. Those in DeKalb, Malta and New Boston Independent School Districts are gearing up for the change.

Heather Russell is a working mom and has a high school student in New Boston. She said the new schedule should not adversely affect her since her child is old enough to stay home alone when school is not in session.

“I think it is good motivation for the older kids to get everything done, to get everything turned in because if they don’t, they will have to go to school on Friday,” she said.

However, the switch will bring a different challenge for working parents with smaller kids. Allyson Pebsworth works full time and has a young child at Malta. She said her child already attends after school daycare.

“Yes, it will raise my cost a little bit but it won’t kill our finances. But it will raise our cost,” she said.

Leaders at Koti Academy in New Boston say they will also have to make adjustments to make sure kids are cared for on the extra day off. They say they are ready for the challenge.

“Obviously we are going to have to make staff adjustments. That’s the biggest challenge before me, just like all the adjustments we had through COVID. We will persevere on the other side and make it through,” said Melissa Brown with the academy.

Officials with each school district said the vast majority of those surveyed about the four-day school week gave a positive response.

“I think that if we are keeping the students and teachers happy, I think that it’s a good thing all around,” said Russell.

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