Coldest temperatures of the season to start the weekend

Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 1:36 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 21, 2022 at 9:41 PM CST
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(KSLA) - Temperatures will be extremely cold tonight. It will be the coldest we have seen so far this winter! Many areas will get down to the teens overnight. The sunshine will help it warm up this weekend. We’ll stay dry a couple more days with rain holding off until after the weekend.

Overnight, a hard freeze warning is in place for areas along and north of I-20. This means that temperatures will be at or below 28 degrees for an extended time. The winds will calm down a little more, so there will not be much of a wind factor. However, with the clear skies, it will still allow temperatures to fall to the upper teens and lower 20s. Make sure to really bundle up if you are out late tonight or early Saturday!

In conditions like this, you want to remember the 4-P’s. People, Plants, Pets, and Pipes. Of course bring people inside where it’s warm, and the same goes for the pets. If you have any plants outside, you will want to thoroughly cover them up, or bring them inside. Any exposed pipes need to be wrapped up as well as letting your faucets drip.

A couple ways you can stay warm is by wearing lots of layers of clothes. Even better dark clothes that can absorb more of the Sun’s rays. Wear a hat to trap the heat from escaping from your head. Wear gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm. Also stay hydrated. We tell you during the summer to do it to beat the heat. It goes the same way in the winter by regulating your body temperature.

Keep in mind about your pets too. They are feeling the cold just as much as you. So, don’t leave them outside for too long. Already at 40 degrees, it is becoming dangerous for small and sensitive breeds. With temperatures expected to be much lower, make sure your pets are inside where it’s warm. Always remember, if you’re cold, so are they!

This weekend will also be nice and pretty. I do not expect any rain at all. There will be a few passing clouds at times. Perfect weather to enjoy. It will still be quite chilly. Especially in the mornings when it will be in the teens and 20s. By the afternoon, it will warm up to the upper 40s Saturday and upper 50s to near 60 on Sunday. I am officially calling for a Gumbo Alert this weekend!

Monday will be mostly wet. I have increased the chance of rain up to 70% now. The likelihood of rain continues to increase. A low-pressure system will be moving out of the south and will bring some rain with it. Rain totals look to be around a quarter of an inch. This is not from a cold front. At least not initially. Temperatures will be held in check and will top out in the mid 50s.

Tuesday I expect a little more rain in the morning. There is a 20% chance we see some early showers, then it will be drier in the afternoon. The sunshine may also return as well. If so, it will not be much longer before the sun sets. Temperatures will be back to the low to mid 50s for the high. So back to cool temperatures again.

Then as we close out the remainder of the week, it will go back to dry and chilly weather. The sunshine will be out each day with a few clouds every now and then. Temperatures will be cold in the mornings, then will heat up to the 50s in the afternoon.

Have a great Friday and stay warm this weekend!

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