What to know about your plants for tonight’s freeze

Published: Jan. 2, 2022 at 8:40 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Standing outside right now, it’s obviously a lot colder than it has been recently. So, to avoid some of your favorite plants in your garden from dying overnight, here’s some tips you can follow. With tonight’s freezing temps, some of you may need to protect your plants before you get in bed.

“The temperature that you really want to close your plants down in and cover them up, you at least want to go for anything 35 and below,” said Jordon Thorton with the Louisiana Nursery off Coursey.

Thorton said even your plants need to stay warm.

“If you have some frost cloth that you can use, that’s great stuff to use. Pretty much just to keep it all covered, keep all that cold dew off of it, keep it a little warm in there,” said Thorton.

“Pretty much all your evergreen trees and shrubs, that’s stuffs generally okay. They’ll be fine for this night of a freeze since it’s not a back-to-back too cold. And even though it may sound a little funny, you want to water them thoroughly so that way they can have a good soaking in the ground, so that way they can take care of themselves better than when they freeze,” continued Thorton.

If you don’t have a frost cloth, you can always use a bedsheet as a substitute or put those grocery bags to good use.

But, if you do use a plastic bag, Thorton said if that sun is going to come up you must get that plastic off otherwise it’s going to burn up your plants.

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