The Good Stuff: ‘Breakfast Club’ challenge

The "Breakfast Club" recently blessed a Shreveport restaurant server.
The "Breakfast Club" recently blessed a Shreveport restaurant server.(Ami Moss)
Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 10:56 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — If you have an appetite and a group of friends, then the “Breakfast Club” is looking for you.

Terri Levesque and Ami Moss lead a group of ladies who recently met at an IHOP restaurant in Shreveport for breakfast.

But they were not just there for the short stack of pancakes.

They had much more loftier intentions.

“Our goal is to inspire others to meet with family members or groups and be a blessing to a server,” explained Terri.

So a couple of weekends ago, about a dozen of these local ladies kept a young server named Ms. Lisa very busy with a full breakfast.

“We knew God was going to put the right server at the right table,” continued Terri.

And it’s something Ami wholeheartedly agreed.

“He put the sweetest woman walking the planet at our table,” Ami chimed in.

And little did Ms. Lisa know what was about to happen once she finished serving this large group.

That’s when Ami explained that the ladies had pooled their money to bless her with a little gift for her efforts.

“It’s about going out and being like Jesus,” Ami shared about the importance of helping others in your community.

And when Ms. Lisa pulled the ribbon off her box and opened up her Christmas card, she was immediately brought to tears.

Inside was $500 the ladies had gifted her.

“It’s what Christmas is all about,” smiled Ami, encouraging other groups to do the same, especially among the hardworking food servers who rely heavily on tips for daily living.

These two ladies hope others will consider doing the same — whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner — to others throughout the ArkLaTex.

The "Breakfast Club" recently met to bless a Shreveport restaurant server.
The "Breakfast Club" recently met to bless a Shreveport restaurant server.(Ami Moss)

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