Some members of Shreveport NAACP calling for branch president to step down

Michael Lafitte
Michael Lafitte(Shreveport NAACP)
Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 1:52 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Some members of the NAACP Shreveport branch are calling for the president of the branch, Michael Lafitte, to step down from his position.

A special meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 22 at 10 a.m. At the meeting, several officers and executive committee members will speak on behalf of the NAACP and a “vote of no confidence” will be expressed in regards to Lafitte.

According to a news release, he is being asked to step down. Alvin Oliver, one of the members calling for Lafitte to step down, says on Wednesday, members will be speaking about the “deplorable” conditions at Woodlawn Terrace. Oliver claims Lafitte is the property manager and a minority owner at the complex, however, KSLA has not been able to verify that with Lafitte or the management of the complex.

Oliver says this group of members also wants some of the members of Lafitte’s executive board to step down as well because they are “not helping Black Shreveport residents.” He says what Lafitte is doing as a property manager is “oppressing people.”

“When you fail the people, you have to step down,” Oliver said in an interview with KSLA’s Chandler Watkins.

Lafitte has become well known in the Shreveport community lately for his involvement with the Dads on Duty group, which he helped found. The group patrols the grounds and hallways at Southwood High School on a daily basis and was started after a particularly violent week at the school.

NAACP District H Vice President Lee Jeter issued this response regarding Wednesday’s meeting:

This is not a sanctioned NAACP meeting. The NAACP has protocols on when and what timeline can go out to the general body and public. From my understanding, this meeting does not meet those protocols. It is not being held under the NAACP umbrella.

There is not a vote tomorrow (Dec. 22). Members cannot vote someone out of office. There is a process any organization has to go through to remove an elected official. The leadership understands that process and respects that process.

As community citizens they can come together and ask whatever they want. It does not mean anything as respect to the NAACP because we are going to act in accordance with the bylaws.

We have heard the allegations. Anything that occurs and even if it is an investigation by the NAACP there is still a process that must be followed. Once the necessary protocols are followed and there is something there then that is when the NAACP gets involved. We are not going to act on accusations based on emotions or allegations we are going to act on facts.

Lee Jeter

Jeter also added that the NAACP or the NAACP executive committee is not asking for Lafitte to step down. The community and private citizens can ask him to step down. However, special protocols are in place to hold news conferences, and Jeter said those protocols were not followed.

NAACP District H consists of seven parishes.

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