Some apartment complex tenants claim they’re being coerced into renewing their leases now

One Woodlawn Terrace resident says he also got a lease non-renewal notice after he spoke with KSLA
Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 3:53 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Some residents of Woodlawn Terrace again are taking issue with the Shreveport apartment complex’s management.

This time, they claim they are being coerced into renewing their leases. A KSLA News 12 crew visited the site Wednesday, Nov. 23.

“Roach infestation in the kitchen, they are coming off the ceiling, definitely roaches, I still have the mice coming from down there,” resident Jermaine Anderson said.

Back in June, KSLA crews reported on a trash problem at the same complex. Anderson said roaches, mice, and sewage issues are still an issue.

“I’ll make a month next year being here so this has been going on since 2019 under different ownerships. They claim they’re going to come in and do a better job and do this and that and you know, little progress,” he said.

Now, Anderson said on Monday some residents were served a pink letter stating:

KSLA crews reached out to new apartment management - Wood Real Reality. They say the goal is to fix the lingering issues. But under their ownership, everyone must resign a new lease.

KSLA legal analyst Jay Florence said the issue with the letter is the language.

“If I were the tenant I would go back and find that original lease. So if the original lease says you have 60 days to notify me or I have so many days to decide on if I’m going to renew the lease or not, again that original contract stands,” Florence said.

However, Woodlawn Terrace’s new owners claim most of the leases expired during the pandemic and that is why they want tenants to sign a new agreement.

“If they’ve paid their rent, if they haven’t caused the damages, or violated their lease, they have every right to fight back,” Florence said.

Anderson said a lot of people living here are unsure about signing the lease because the living conditions have not changed.

“We’re tired. We’ve been dealing with these conditions for months and we’re tired and fed up,” he said.

After Anderson’s interview with KSLA, he was served a non-renewal lease letter by apartment management. The apartment is choosing not to renew his lease after December 31st.

He said that notice informs him that his lease will not be renewed and gives no reason for the non-renewal.

This comes on the heels of complaints some tenants made in April and June about living conditions at the apartment complex in the 700 block of West 68th Street.

Below is an image of the notice Anderson says he received Wednesday, Nov. 23 after the KSLA News 12 crew left there:

Jermaine Anderson, who has been a tenant at Woodlawn Terrace since December 2020, says he got...
Jermaine Anderson, who has been a tenant at Woodlawn Terrace since December 2020, says he got this lease non-renewal notice within hours of speaking with a KSLA News 12 crew Nov. 23, 2021, at the Shreveport apartment complex.(Source: Tayler Davis/KSLA News 12)

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