Shoppers in Louisiana save on Thanksgiving groceries

Louisiana residents won’t need to worry about breaking the bank this Thanksgiving.
A Thanksgiving dinner in Louisiana will cost $11 less than the rest of the United States.
A Thanksgiving dinner in Louisiana will cost $11 less than the rest of the United States.(Source: Associated Press)
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 11:51 AM CST|Updated: Nov. 18, 2021 at 11:28 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - You may want to go to Louisiana this year for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation reported that Louisiana residents can expect to spend less than the national average for Thanksgiving dinner for ten people.

The average cost for 14 different Thanksgiving dinner items in the U.S., according to Farm Bureau, is $68.72. Those same items in Louisiana cost only $57.41, about an $11 difference.

Bring your friends and family back home to Louisiana for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be less expensive for them to enjoy turkey and all the trimmings here.

“We tend to lag behind economically in terms of recession or anything else or in this case inflation. So, I think we’re seeing inflation hit here a little slower than it has in other parts of the country,” Avery Davidson of Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation said.

Shoppers said they’re shocked about Louisiana’s average price for Thanksgiving dinner.

“That’s a surprise because I think it’s so expensive everywhere. It’s been tough trying to find things but I’m getting what I need,” shopper Connie Donato said.

“That is kind of surprising to me, but you know Southerners love to cook so maybe it’s not as much as a surprise because people love to cook in Louisiana,” shopper Tony Simpson said.

Although Louisiana is listed as the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation’s cheapest state when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, prices for some Thanksgiving items have increased when compared to some previous years.

“When you look back at 2019 a 16lb turkey cost an average of $18.56 in Louisiana. This year you’re looking to pay an average of $18.84 not a huge increase, but it is something to note. When you look at sweet potatoes right now you can expect to pay $2.45 for three pounds of sweet potatoes. In 2019 that was only $1.43,” said Davidson.

Here is an average price for those items in Louisiana, according to the Louisiana Farm Bureau Association:

  • Frozen, Self-Basting Young Tom Turkey, 16 lbs.: $18.84
  • Fresh Sweet Potatoes, 3 lbs.: $2.45
  • Cube Stuffing, 14 oz. package: $2.41
  • Enriched Brown & Serve Rolls, 12 oz./12 per package: $1.57
  • Veggie Tray (carrots and celery), 1 lb.: $.74
  • Whole Milk, 1 gal.: $4.21
  • Pumpkin Pie Mix, 30 oz. can: $2.93
  • Fresh Cranberries, 12 oz. package: $3.36
  • Whipping Cream, 1/2 pint carton: $1.58
  • Frozen Green Peas, 16 oz. package: $1.86
  • 9″ Frozen Pie Shells, 2 per package: $2.45
  • Bone-In Ham, 4 lbs.: $7.53
  • Russet Potatoes, 5 lbs.: $2.22
  • Frozen Green Beans, 1 lb.: $1.81
  • Miscellaneous ingredients (Eggs, Flour, Evaporated Milk): $3.45

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