Shreveport non-profit hopes to teach kids life lessons, lessen crime involving juveniles

(NOMIE for Youth, Inc. Facebook page)
Published: Oct. 16, 2021 at 9:03 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - An Uno tournament was held for kids on Saturday, Oct. 16 by the non-profit, NOMIE for Youth.

Organizer of the event and Executive Director of NOMIE for Youth, Nomie Wallace, said the violent crime among youth in Shreveport is what encouraged her to help kids in the community. She hopes to do this by teaching them life lessons and keeping them engaged.

“We also offer workshops things such as personal responsibility, coding, stem programs, critical thinking skills and money matters programs,” said Wallace.

These workshops are what Wallace believes will lead kids in a positive direction.

“I like to call them essential life skills that kids can use and need in order to navigate their way to be successful in life. Our ultimate goal is to be an umbrella and to counter against the school to prison pipeline,” she said.

Cassey Wallace, vice president of NOMIE for Youth, says she is happy to be part of an organization that keeps kids out of trouble and off the streets.

“Our mission and goal is to combat that violence, and hopefully we can build a foundation where the children know how to express themselves in other ways that don’t involve violence,” she said.

Francine Brown, executive director of Seniors First, says the organization is not just about keeping kids busy, but also meeting them where they are.

“We just want the kids to know that we do care about them, we do care what happens to them and I’m here to support Nomie and NOMIE for Youth,” she said.

The organization is having a number of fundamental workshops for kids through May of next year. For more information on those workshops, click here.

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