Real Time Crime Center says your home security cameras could help solve crimes

Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 5:34 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The City of Shreveport is cracking down on crime, but they say they need your help to do it. The Real Time Crime Center says they are asking permission to use your home exterior cameras to help solve crimes.

The cameras at your home and outside of your business not only keep you safe, but can also help officers find suspects better if a crime happens in your area.

The crime center is part of Shreveport’s initiative to combat crime. Now that they are up and running, Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson says they need all hands on deck. They are asking everyone with security cameras to register them with the center.

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They say they will never use video from your camera without permission and would not ask for access if a crime hasn’t occurred.

“It puts a little blue camera on our app and it doesn’t give us access to their feed, but it does allow us, a whole neighborhood at a time to ask everybody ‘have you seen something between this period,’” said Hanson.

Right now, only six residents and two businesses have signed up. According to FBI reports from 2017, every 24.6 seconds a violent crime was committed.

Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers President Reed Ebarb says this can work out a lot of unsolved cases.

“I always tell people that we have upwards of a 95 percent solve rate if they have video of the crime,” he said.

To register your camera, click here.

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