Fall arrives on Wednesday with perfect weather!

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 2:13 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 21, 2021 at 9:44 PM CDT
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(KSLA) - The weather could not be any better starting on Wednesday! There will be nothing but sunshine with no rain. Temperatures will also be nice and cool in the lower 80s with no humidity!

Overnight, the rain will come to an end and move away. The clouds will slowly clear away as the night wears on. By the time we wake up Wednesday morning, it will be nice and clear. Temperatures will be a bit cooler too! Lows will be in the upper 50s to the lower 60s! It will be cool enough to open the windows to give the AC units a break!

The humidity will remain perfect for several days!
The humidity will remain perfect for several days!

Wednesday marks the official start of Fall. The weather will definitely reflect that too! Temperatures will be in the upper 70s to the lower 80s in the afternoon. Plus the humidity will be super low! Therefore, it will be amazing weather to enjoy! There will also be more sunshine with likely not a single cloud in the sky. Make some plans to be outside if you can!

Thursday and Friday will both continue to be wonderful! There will not be any clouds, so no chance of rain for either day. Lows will start out in the 50s, then temperatures will warm up to the lower to mid 80s in the afternoon for the high. This will be the last little taste of Fall before it heats back up.

This weekend will be beautiful! There will not be any rain around, but also the humidity will continue to be nice and low. Only a slight uptick is expected, but it will still be low enough to be considered perfect! Highs in the afternoon will get up to the upper 80s and lower 90s, so it will be a little hot again.

Monday and Tuesday have no major change to the weather. Look for more sunshine and no rain either days. I won’t rule out a couple more clouds at times though. Temperatures will be in the upper 80s, and lower 90s. This is about normal for late September, though.

In the tropics, things remain active. We still have Peter and Rose in the Atlantic. These two storms are slowly weakening as they move north. They will remain out at sea with no threat to the East coast or Gulf of Mexico. There is another tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa. This has a high chance to become Sam within the next few days. We will be your First Alert once it forms and once we believe there is any threat to the gulf or the ArkLaTex.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and enjoy the beautiful weather on its way!

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