Shreveport may soon award recycling contract

Recycling is necessary if Shreveport is to be competitive in business world, advocate says
Shreveport suspended its curbside recycling program in October 2020.
Shreveport suspended its curbside recycling program in October 2020.((Source: KSLA))
Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 3:36 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 13, 2021 at 11:47 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Blue recycling bins still can be seen at Shreveport residences.

Some sit idle. While others are being used for yard trash or anything that won’t fit in the regular garbage can.

But those blue bins could be put back to their intended use if the city awards a recycling contract. Proposals for a new contractor were sought back in December.

And on Tuesday, City Council members might consider whether to award a five-year contract to C. Edwards Concepts LLC at a cost of $158,333 a month to the city for service to an estimated 61,000 customers. The City Council previously postponed its vote.

Tarodgany Lockett, owner of Operation Green Recycling, said he understands why the proposal keeps getting tabled. “I see them taking time in thinking about the right decision they need to just bring some more people in.”

And he still has hope that one day he will get a chance to work with the city.

“I have put in the RFPs for that. And I would like to be a part of it because I’m from the city and I think it’s very important for people in the city to see someone from this city working with the city.”

Recycling is a responsible act that should be a viable part of the city’s solid waste program, said Donna Curtis, of Shreveport Green.

Recycling also is necessary if Shreveport is to be competitive in the business world, she added.

“A robust recycling program is an economic development plus. It shows responsibility of a community. It also tells interested corporations something about our citizenry and work force,” Curtis said.

“A community that recycles exhibits ‘caring’ and promotes the idea of sustainability. A city that cares enough to follow the rules to improve our environment reveals a smarter citizenry – and that is what corporations are seeking. Recycling is a responsible act and it is necessary if we are to be competitive in the business world.”

Curtis laid out a number of ideas she thinks the city should think about when it comes to a new recycling program.

For instance, she said, curbside recycling is desirable because it gets a lot of participation. And it’s easy for anyone to do. But it’s a very expensive option.  In order for this to work, Curtis added, a material recovery facility is needed.

A recycling drop-off site is another option.  It can work if sites throughout the city are outfitted to accept recycled materials.  Residents would then drive up and drop off their recyclables. They have a center like this in Bossier City.

Curtis believes it takes a village for a program like this and there are already several partners the city can work with such as Caddo Parish. Caddo Parish is a logical one since they already have compactor sites set up and have recycling containers at their disposal sites. 

There are several other recycling companies that would welcome a steady stream of materials.

Lastly, she said, the city should consider what they want to recycle.

“Paper is easy for us to recycle.  Aluminum and steel cans are easy.  Plastic is more difficult – there aren’t any ‘end users’ for plastic near us.  Glass is difficult to recycle because it is heavy and costs a lot to be transported.  There are no local glass recyclers.”

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