All eyes turn to the tropics

Published: Aug. 26, 2021 at 4:51 AM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Good morning and happy Friday eve! As we close in on the weekend we are tracking more warm temperatures for the ArkLaTex, but is starting become secondary in your forecast compared to what we are watching in the Caribbean. A strong tropical wave is likely to develop in our next tropical system either later today or by Friday. The potential storm is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend and then there are a lot of uncertainties in the potential track of this storm as well as the intensity. But conditions in the Gulf will be very favorable for an intensifying tropical cyclone and this will need very close watch over the next few days before a potential landfall at some point early next week.

The tropical wave in the Caribbean could become our next tropical cyclone later today.
The tropical wave in the Caribbean could become our next tropical cyclone later today.(KSLA News 12)

Back in the ArkLaTex we are tracking more toasty temperatures and humidity, but not quite to the level that we saw the first half of the week. This means that while our ‘feels-like’ temperatures will again be hot, it is more likely that they will be between 100 and 105 vs. the plus 105 degrees needed to warrant Heat Advisories. High temperatures this afternoon will again be in the mid-90s with more late afternoon pop up showers and storms expected for the region.

Moving onto Friday and the weekend while we will be keeping a close eye on the tropics we are expecting a continued slight downward trend in our temperatures into the low 90s to go along with more widespread hit and miss wet weather. The potential for showers will be due to an upper level low pressure system that will be moving through off to our south out ahead of the likely tropical cyclone in the Gulf. Rain looks the most likely right now on Saturday with highs around 90 with a possible slight rebound in our high temperatures on Sunday. This will feel like a nice cool down compared to what we saw earlier this week.

Looking ahead to next week, the big known obviously is what is going to happen in the Gulf of Mexico. There is growing potential that we could see at least some rain from this system, but again the amount is unknown until the storm forms and we can get a much better handling on the track. The window for potential impacts would be both Monday and Tuesday. Depending on how much precipitation we do see we could a minor or significant drop in our high temperatures early in the week thanks to the clouds and rain before the heat would return Wednesday.

In the meantime, get ready for some slightly cooler temperatures and keep and eye on the tropics! Have a great Thursday!

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