Shreveport City Council discusses recycling, possible relocation of offices

Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 4:00 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The Shreveport City Council will meet on Tuesday, Aug. 24.

Noteworthy components of today’s meeting included potentially voting on recycling and a resolution to support relocating the state building offices from off Fairfield Avenue to downtown Shreveport.

The council once again postponed the vote on Edward’s LLC recycling contract.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Adrian Perkins made remarks on how quickly the Real Time Crime Center became a reality for the city and how it will be fully operational next month.

“We here at the city are going to continue to do everything we possibly can to fight violent crime,” said Perkins.

Councilman Grayson Boucher, who oversees the Public Safety Committee, said the Real Time Crime Center is something the city needs. However, he disagreed with it’s location and said there was a a lack of communication from the Mayor’s Office.

“I don’t support it, I am not for it, and you will not see me voting for any money towards it unless it is moved out of Government Plaza,” said Boucher.

Boucher said he would have liked to see the center at Caddo 911 or the police department. He said he would have also liked to see law enforcement staff it.

“We found out yesterday it was pretty much already implemented and they hired ten people,” Boucher said. “I’m just a little concerned. I’m glad it’s up and running, but it’s like Christmas, when you open and present you don’t want. You’re still excited to have the present, but this is not what I wanted.”

Perkins responded by stating SPD is still down over 100 officers and simply don’t have the manpower.

Other council members asked questions about who will staff it, if information can be taken from the computers and how long footage will be stored.

The Real Time Crime Center is set to be fully operational sometime in September.

Councilman James Flurry and Shreveport Chief of Police Ben Raymond also spoke on the issue.

“Let’s get it out in the air, this elephant in the room,” Flurry said. “You are not going to use those people to punish your political enemies? You put them close to the Mayor’s Office. Say it on the record.”

“Mr. Chairman, I will put it on the record that I am not going to be using the people in the Real Time Crime Center to punish my political enemies,” Perkins replied.

The council passed ordinances allocating money for new equipment and vehicles for Shreveport Fire and Police departments. After the decision, co-sponsors Tabitha Tayler, Grayson Boucher and James Green thanked the council for the votes of support.

“I’m elated,” Tayler said. “Elated knowing they are going to get the necessary equipment that they need to respond to calls. Safety is always a matter of importance and having proper equipment is necessary. This was much needed legislation.”

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