Kids, like adults, struggle with mental health issues during COVID-19 pandemic

Districts are hoping for a closer to normal school year but with delta variant creating a new...
Kids are facing mental health challenges of their own during the COVID-19 pandemic.(KKTV)
Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 2:37 PM CDT
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BOSSIER PARISH, La. (KSLA) - 2020 was a difficult year for most people because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2021 has presented challenges of its own as well.

Kids are not immune to these struggles. They’ve faced unique challenges with mental health during the pandemic just as adults have.

Experts say the number of kids with anxiety and depression has doubled during the pandemic. Some factors include isolation, shifting learning spaces and fewer social interactions.

Bossier Parish Schools has acknowledged the importance of mental health They added two social and emotional learning programs to their curriculum; ‘Edgenuity” for grades six through twelve, and “Second Steps” for pre-k through fifth graders.

“Mental health is something we need to be focused on for our students. Even after this pandemic the social and emotional learning initiative will continue. We know it’s important, because if kids aren’t functioning at their best, they’re not learning,” said Lillian Holley, director of special education with Bossier Parish Schools.

There’s not always a specific solution to solve some mental health issues, but experts say acknowledging children’s needs is a start.

“Learning for our boys and girls is important, it’s the primary thing we are here for. And so if any of them are having problems with mental health issues, we certainly will address those and get them the help that they need, including their families,” added Holley.

If parents have concerns about their child’s mental health, they are encouraged to reach out to their child’s school counselor.

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