Texarkana police cracking down on speeding in school zones

Law enforcement officers are warning drivers to obey all traffic laws and slow down in school...
Law enforcement officers are warning drivers to obey all traffic laws and slow down in school zones.(KSLA)
Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 11:14 AM CDT
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TEXARKANA, Ark. (KSLA) - Most ArkLaTex schools are back in session, and law enforcement agencies across the area are working to keep students safe, not from COVID-19, but from the traveling public.

“You get a lot of people in a small area like this, it can get kind of hectic,” said Cpl. Less Munn with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.

Cpl. Munn was taking pictures Tuesday morning (Aug. 17) for the first day of Texarkana, Ark. schools. Munn’s focus was not on returning students, but vehicle traffic. With school underway, the TAPD traffic division is out in full force encouraging motorists to drive safely in school zones.

“We are looking for speed mostly, and for people being on cell phones. We don’t want them distracted. If you got a hands-free device, use it. If you are in a school zone, preferably stay off the phone completely,” Cpl. Munn said.

Cpl. Less Munn
Cpl. Less Munn(KSLA)

Police are also reminding drivers it’s illegal to pass a school bus from any direction while the bus’s red lights are flashing. Parents are asked to take caution when dropping kids off. Cpl. Munn says the biggest traffic concerns are located at the high school level, with first-time student drivers adding to the problems.

“You want to be able to watch these kids. They get to be showing off, driving too fast, listening to music, focusing on their cell phones, so you want to keep them safe. Have them slow down and pay attention to the roadway,” said Cpl. Munn.

Cpl. Munn agrees at first, it can be tough for drivers to reduce their speed from 30 mph to 15 mph, but that’s the law in most school zones for the safety of students.

“We will be very present in the neighborhood the next couple of weeks to try and remind people to slow down. We want them to remember to slow down, say hey, this is a school zone, a lot of traffic, a lot of people walking and things like that,” Cpl. Munn said.

Police say in Texarkana, like other districts, traffic fines are doubled when the violation occurs inside a school zone.

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