Medical leaders encourage young adults to get vaccinated as students settle in for the fall

LSU Student Union (Source: WAFB)
LSU Student Union (Source: WAFB)
Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 4:32 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - As universities across Baton Rouge welcome students back, those same student will also be venturing out into the community.

Local medical leaders hope younger adults choose to get vaccinated to protect themselves and keep everyone else safe in the community.

The state is pushing to get more young adults vaccinated. Band members from Southern University’s The Human Jukebox got vaccinated after rehearsal today.

Jamen Hughes plays the saxophone, he says he was nervous getting the shot, but he knew if he wanted to keep blasting his brass, he couldn’t get sick.

“Well, I mean Mr. Taylor emphasizing that we have to get the vaccine because of traveling and stuff because if one person gets COVID, we might have to shut the band down and stuff like that. So, I was just doing my part and getting the vaccine,” says Hughes.

Local health leaders want to see more students like Hughes get vaccinated, but Louisiana has a long way to go.

The young adult population has the highest rate in COVID-19 cases and the lowest rate of vaccinations. It’s why Southern University and LSU issued new requirements for students to come back to campus. They must show proof that they tested negative or that they have gotten the shot.

As students settle back in for the fall semester, freshman Andre Parron, who dreams of working in the health field, says she is keeping her guard up during this 4th surge.

“Like being more cautious about wearing a mask and just being cautious about how I spend my time with larger groups of people all of that stuff, just so I can keep the people around me safer,” says Parron.

Parents say they’re worried about this new variant and how contagious it can be especially in close quarters.

“Probably an outbreak with the dorm rooms because it can spread so rapidly, and you know young adults aren’t as good with hand washing and doing all the sanitizing things,” says Melinda Maitland who is moving her daughter into LSU today.

For now both universities are hoping vaccination rates go up, and that they won’t experience an outbreak.

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