Summertime heat builds up over the next few days

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 2:21 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 20, 2021 at 9:39 PM CDT
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(KSLA) - Through the next several days, the temperatures will be increasing and feeling a lot like your typical summer in the ArkLaTex. As we push towards next week, it could be the hottest weather we’ve seen so far this year.

Overnight, we will remain dry with little to no rain. I expect a few passing clouds, but not too many. Temperatures will cool to the lower 70s, so it will not be too bad with the temperatures first thing Wednesday morning.

On your Wednesday, I am expecting there to be plenty of clouds at times. However, there will be sunshine mixing in with those clouds. At times, there will be more sunshine than cloud cover. There should also be a few showers and maybe a couple storms in the afternoon. Not everyone will see rain, but those that do might have some heavy downpours for a brief time. Temperatures will once again be nice and only heat up to the mid to upper 80s!

Thursday will be a little drier, and a little warmer. The rain chances are only at 10%. So most of the ArkLaTex will stay dry. If you do see any rain, it will not last too long. Temperatures however, will be getting up to the lower to mid 90s. Plus there will be a lot of humidity, of course, so that will push the feels-like temperature up 5-8 degrees from the air temperature. Therefore, the feels-like temperature could be up near 100 degrees. Stay cool!

Friday will be similar to Thursday. There will be little to no rain with partly cloudy conditions. If you do see any rain, it will likely be in the afternoon. Temperatures will still warm up to the lower to mid 90s, so it will be another hot day.

Here comes the real heat. Over this weekend, temperatures will be up to where they should be for late July. That’s right around the 95 degree mark. Then with all the humidity, it will feel more like the triple digits. So, while the temperature is at average, it will still be considered hot. There will also be little to no rain over the weekend to cool those temperatures back down. Any outdoor plans should not be rained out, but you will contend with the heat.

By next week, we are tracking possibly the hottest weather so far this year. Temperatures will be pushing the mid to upper 90s. There’s a slim chance some places will be up to the triple digits. And that’s not the feels-like temperature! That would be even higher! Reason for this is a ridge of high pressure will be building in from the west. These ridges prevent rain and usually mean hot temperatures for that surrounding area. Make sure to stay hydrated!

Quick update on the tropics, we are staying quiet! There is still no potential development in the next 5 days. I expect it will stay this way through at least the end of July.

Have a great rest of the week!

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