Saharan Dust returns to the ArkLaTex

We will see hazy skies next week due to the dust
We will see hazy skies next week due to the dust(KSLA News 12)
Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 3:42 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Saharan dust is moving across the Atlantic, eventually to the ArkLaTex. This will create a hazy looking sky, and could be a problem for those with breathing issues. The dust should arrive early next week starting Tuesday.

You can see in the image where there is a slight discoloration around the clouds. It almost looks like a fainted-brownish color. That is the Saharan dust moving in from the east and travelling over the Atlantic Ocean.

You can see the dust which creates hazy conditions
You can see the dust which creates hazy conditions(KSLA News 12)

Normally in early summer, we start to see these surges of dust that move into the ArkLaTex. This comes all the way from Africa. Only reason it is able to travel so far across the Atlantic and through the Gulf of Mexico is because there’s nothing to slow the dust down or grab onto. Therefore, the wind carries the dust freely all the way to the United States. Predominately along the gulf coast.

When this happens, those that have raspatory issues, breathing issues, asthma, or sensitive allergies will be most affected. Even if you do not have these conditions, you may still experience a dryness in the throat, or maybe itchy, watery eyes.

Saharan Dust will create hazy skies
Saharan Dust will create hazy skies(KSLA News 12)

Something else the dust does, is lower the rain chances for local areas. So us here in the ArkLaTex will begin to experience less rain with the dust in the sky. Having the dust around makes it very difficult for any rain to form. Since we are not expecting to have a tremendous amount of dust, we may still have a quick shower. Plus, those that experience symptoms should not be at an extreme level.

The Saharan dust will keep the tropics quiet
The Saharan dust will keep the tropics quiet(KSLA News 12)

Arguably the best thing the Saharan dust does is suppress the tropics from any potential development. This goes like I said before, it makes it hard for any rain to form, and that’s exactly how it all gets started with a tropical storm. So if the dust continues to dominate the Atlantic, we can safely assume no tropical activity!

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