Friends remember victim of corner store homicide

They describe him as goofy and talented

Friends remember victim of corner store homicide
Friends of Kurjuan Mingo remember the aspiring stage actor's incredible talent and his love for his children. (Source: Friends of Kurjuan Mingo)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Friends of Kurjuan Mingo reminisced on his love for his children and his incredible talent.

They said they were shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news of his death late last week.

“He’s going to be a hard person to replace,” Thomas Williams said.

Friends remember aspiring stage actor who was fatally shot during dispute at convenience store

The director, screenwriter and playwright for A Will & A Way Productions said Mingo was heavily involved with the company and often starred in its productions, both on stage and on YouTube.

“He could bring out any emotion,” Williams recalled. “He helped make our productions better.”

Zuniga McGee co-starred alongside Mingo in the play “It’s Morning.” Through that show, they grew very close.

“He was always laughing and playing with everybody and joking,” she said, laughing.

Police believe Curtis Edwards shot Mingo in the head, killing him, after getting into an argument about a spot in line at a corner store.

“People think that life is like a video game, like you can kill somebody and turn the game off. But you can’t do that,” Williams said, getting emotional.

McGee said she is glad to hear that Mingo will be getting some justice. “The way he died was very senseless. I feel like more people should take accountability.”

She and Williams agree that the gun violence in Shreveport has to stop.

“The next day, it could be your friend, it could be your family,” McGee said.

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