COVID infections down in Texarkana

COVID infections down in Texarkana
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TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) - Over 10,000 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered at Christus St. Michael Health System in Texarkana since Texas state leaders declared it a hub three months ago.

The results are positive for the community and health care providers.

“We are finally at a point in Texarkana where we can say that the number of people we have vaccinated has had a positive effect on our community,” said Dr. Loren Robinson, VP Medical Affairs.

Christus St. Michael Health Center, like other health care providers, has been affected by COVID-19. While treating patients many front-line workers have been infected with the virus. However, here at this Texarkana hospital employees began receiving a COVID vaccine this past December, and leaders are pleased with the results.

“Our number of associates or people who work here in the hospital who have been diagnosed as having covid-19 that number has almost fallen to completely to zero so we know we are seeing a rapid decrease of covid in our community,” said Robinson. “The state has set may 9th as the date to demobilize and have all those staff return to their regular positions so we are decreasing each week the number of those staff.”

Dr. Loren Robinson is Vice President of Medical Affairs at Christus St. Michael and says the state of Texas had provided the hospital with nurses and other staff members to fill the gap when the hospital had a large number of covid patients and employees were out due to the virus but this also is changing for the betterment.

She said the numbers are lower, but COVID is still an issue of concern.

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Louise Thornell told us being a year into the pandemic and seeing a change in the number of employees getting sick, front-line workers here have a new outlook.

“We have seen the change we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of patients,” said Louise Thornell, VP Chief Nursing Officer. “With that decrease that has brought our nurses a sense of relief and a sense of encouragement and now they can focus on the task of being a nurse.”

Staff members returning to hospital

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