Lake Charles woman brings hurricane recovery awareness on TikTok

Local woman’s TikTok goes viral
Local woman’s TikTok goes viral
Updated: Apr. 13, 2021 at 8:15 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A local woman’s TikTok videos have gone viral after she’s posted about her experience living in Lake Charles after the hurricanes.

The ongoing struggles in Southwest Louisiana after last year’s hurricanes may be an afterthought for those who didn’t live through it, but Lake Charles resident Tara Parks stressed the hardships our area has faced. She’s shared her story with millions through her viral TikTok, helping to show the rest of the world what Southwest Louisiana has faced this last year.

“Stop scrolling. What I’m about to say is not as interesting as the WAP dance, but here me out,” said Parks in the video.

The TikTok continues and Parks goes on about the hardships so many endured after the hurricanes.

“Imagine you woke up tomorrow and you didn’t have a home and all your neighbors didn’t have homes.”

Parks said she grew frustrated with a lack of national coverage on the storms, and she took it upon her self to spread the message.

“It’s not flashy and glamorous, but it was like, we’re struggling. This area really needs help and we’re not getting any attention,” Parks said.


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She opened up her life to millions of people on the internet hoping to just make a small difference by giving Southwest Louisiana a voice. Though she often tries to make light of her situation to bring awareness, she still has the same struggles as many in this area.

“It’s been challenging to say the very least. Living in that little tiny camper with 6 people is very difficult,” Parks said.

Parks is also a mother and a teacher, which is why she said she’s slowed down on posting to the app recently, as she tries to rebuild her home. Her story has a common plot shared with so many in Lake Charles.

As she said in one of her viral videos, she just wants more people to care about how hard the area has been hit.

“It’s been kind of wild to see people I’ve reached actually reaching back out to our community.”

Through the power of her TikTok videos, she has been able to get some more help by getting the attention of her insurance company. Parks said that she was also notified by Water’s Edge Church that a family from Florida drove donations to Lake Charles after seeing her videos.

Parks said TikTok has served as an outlet for her to share her story, have some fun, and connect with people from all over.

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