5 displaced in massive Marshall house fire

KLTV's Bob Hallmark has the latest information on a house fire in Marshall.
KLTV's Bob Hallmark has the latest information on a house fire in Marshall.
Updated: Apr. 9, 2021 at 7:16 PM CDT
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A late night fire in one East Texas city displaces a family of 5 and destroys everything they have.

Just after 10 Wednesday night, Marshall fire units were called to a fire in the 1-thousand block of East Austin street.

Fire crews rushed last night to the now charred remains of this stately old wood-framed home, knowing a family of 5 resided there.

“First priority is to make sure everyone is out, everyone is safe,” said Marshall fire chief Reggie Cooper.

The family was able to escape unharmed, before the home became a roaring inferno.

Burning so furiously it damaged one of the fire units.

“We had some damage to a windshield,” Cooper says.

And there was some urgency for firefighters. They we’re not only trying to suppress this fire, but protect several homes that were adjacent to it.

“Once we realized the occupant’s were safe, now our focus redirects to the houses that are close by or other objects in close proximity. The neighbor saw flames that were actually leaping into his house,” the chief said.

One nearby home did catch fire but was quickly doused.

“Houses like this, where you have the shiplap, once the shiplap starts burning it provides it’s only ventilation which fuels the fire and helps it burn faster and quicker,” says fire investigator lieutenant Scott Barmore.

Because of the danger, adjacent homes were evacuated.

“We look for small things, we look for large things we look at burn patterns. What’s burning at the moment, what hasn’t burned,” Barmore says.

The home is a total loss

Even the family car was lost.

“It’s just one of those unfortunate-fortunate things. Unfortunate that it happened. Fortunate that young family was able to get out,” chief Cooper says.

The Red Cross is assisting the family.

It’s not known whether the home had smoke detectors in it.

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