CDC says establishments don’t have to clean multiple times a day, once a day should suffice

CDC says establishments just need to disinfect surfaces once a day, not multiple times

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The CDC says establishments don’t have to clean multiple times a day, once a day should suffice.

Every Sunday in between masses, St. George Catholic Church has been spraying and wiping down pews to make sure COVID-19 germs are not spreading.

“Even though as people are getting vaccinated and some of the restrictions are starting to lessen, we are still following our basic protocol right now. For the same reason, we feel like it’s important that people feel safe,” says Martin Hernandez who is the director of administration & facilities at St. George Church & School.

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Throughout the past year, St. George spends round $800 a month on cleaning supplies and hiring extra crew to come out and clean, but according to the CDC multiple wipe downs are not necessary.

“It’s been kind of difficult situation because in the beginning there was some confusion and everybody went crazy cleaning everything, but now we know we have strong evidence that the chances of transmitting the virus through the surface. Touching a surface that may be contaminated is very low,” says Dr. Aldo Russo who is the regional medical director for Ochsner Baton Rouge.

Dr. Russo explains that COVID-19 spreads through droplets whether airborne or passed directly to other people. However, some public schools, like East Baton Rouge Parish, are choosing to continue deep cleaning surfaces because constant cleaning every two hours helps stop the spread of other germs like the flu. Other public places hope multiple disinfecting come to an end because it gets costly.

“The extra cleaning materials, the extra expense of having people take time to such an extent of cleaning would be a big saving for us. Something that we really didn’t plan on, but we had to budget and make a part of our expenses,” adds Hernandez.

The CDC says that washing hands is the best thing to do once someone touches a surface. If you want to look over more ways to disinfect things, click here.

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