Texas residents react to Gov. Abbott signing ban on government-mandated ‘vaccine passports’

Marshall, Texas
Marshall, Texas(KSLA)
Updated: Apr. 6, 2021 at 1:40 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Governor Greg Abbott has signed a executive to ban a mandate on vaccine passports in the State of Texas.

MORE>>> Gov. Abbott Executive Order prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas

There are mixed feelings in Marshall, Texas on mandating vaccine passports.

Rebecca Deaton said, “It’s fine with me I got a card right there in my purse.”

“This is America I want freedom, I don’t want dictates,” said Karl Loritsch.

A vaccine passport would display COVID-19 test results and show whether or not someone is completely vaccinated. According to WebMD, the sole purpose is to help businesses fully open back up and allow some countries to implement international travel again.

Raven Lenz owns Black Bird bathhouse in Marshall and says it could impact businesses if mandated in certain states.

“I know people who won’t vaccine, so they won’t be able to come in so it will hurt someone’s business,” she said.

The first digital vaccine passports were launched in New York last month. In Colorado, they are exploring the idea of it. And right now, Texas, Florida and Arkansas are openly against it.

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