Shreveport churches prepare for Easter services with COVID-19 restrictions

Shreveport churches prepare for Easter services with COVID-19 restrictions
Mt. Canaan Baptist scripture reading (Source: Tayler Davis)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Churches have had to implement many changes to how services are held during the coronavirus pandemic.

For this upcoming Easter Sunday, churches are opening their doors for crowds all while keeping safety first.

Mt. Canaan Baptist Church Pastor Greg Oliver says they will have three church services to help monitor crowds. He says they will also be making members reserve a spot to watch the service.

“We’re trying to decrease the time that we’re in. The average service lasted about two hours, but we’re trying to get it down to about an hour and fifteen,” said Oliver.

Over at First United Methodist Church, Pastor Stephen Bell believes big crowds will not be an issue at his church.

”I wouldn’t say that is something we have done, is to set a capacity limit, because even on Easter Sunday I don’t think we will hit it. Not still where we are in the world and with COVID,” said Bell.

Both Pastors said, it was tough last year not having Easter services.

“When the pandemic started we dismissed the congregation for COVID purposes but the musician and I would come and we would hold services,” Oliver said.

“Preaching to an empty room, even knowing people are watching on the other end of the camera, that helped a little bit, but it’s just awful,” Bell said.

Easter services expectations

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