Court awards more than $9M to Shreveport water customers part of class action billing suit

(Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
(Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 1:32 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - A Shreveport judge has awarded nearly $10 million to Shreveport water customers that were part of a class action lawsuit over billing issues, the Harper Law Firm announced Thursday, March 11.

On Wednesday, March 10, Judge Michael Pitman issued a ruling against the City of Shreveport in favor of citizens in the amount of $9,626,894 in damages. The ruling will benefit more than 100,000 families who are both current and former water and sewerage customers.

This is the eighth consecutive ruling against the City of Shreveport in favor of citizens amid the ongoing water billing litigation.

“With this ruling, we hope that the mayor and the city will discontinue their efforts to refuse to repay the citizens of the city for amounts the courts have repeatedly awarded to the citizens of Shreveport for amounts that the city has overcharged them for water and sewer,” said one of the attorneys representing citizens, Jerry Harper of the Harper Law Firm. “The Mayor is now faced with the choice of either paying the judgment or seeking an appeal against his own constituents. The City of Shreveport has been fighting its own citizens for years in these cases to resist paying amounts owed to them for overcharges to water and sewer; and, we hope that this judgment will put an end to this practice and that the city will work with us and the court to promptly repay what the citizens are owed.”

Next in the case, it will be determined how much each member of the suit will receive. Participants will be notified via mail.

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