Longview plumbers still fixing broken pipes 2 weeks after freeze

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Updated: Mar. 3, 2021 at 9:53 PM CST
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - More than two weeks after that winter storm, plumbers in East Texas are still working just as fast as they can to repair damaged pipes.

And some East Texans are still surviving without running water.

Every day at Parker Plumbing in Longview, calls for broken pipes keep coming in.

“We still have a list of busted pipes that we’re working on. So we’re just going to keep on hitting them hard, putting our vans out there, keeping them going,” says Parker Plumbing’s Juanita Coy.

From businesses to older homes, the list is finally getting shorter.

“Yeah, we’re still going through the list; there’s plenty, but there’s only so much we can do. We’ll get to them,” says plumber German Galvan.

“We’re trying to get people’s water back on as soon as possible, but there’s just so many calls and very few of us,” says apprentice Austin Berden.

But plumbers say there are some things you can do to draw limited water while you are waiting for repairs.

If you have small leaks, isolate the section of pipe that’s leaking. You can use duct tape and wrap it very tightly well around the break area.

When you turn your water back on, you’ll have enough time to draw some bath water and cooking water. You’ll still lose water, but you’ll have enough time to get what you need; then shut the water main off.

Workers say some residents still haven’t turned their water off since the thaw.

“I’ve seen it where the whole under the house looks like a pool,” Austin says.

“Best thing to do is go out to the meter, see if there’s a ball valve, something you can turn off,” says Galvan.

Plumbers say anyone with exposed pipes should check them for leaks or drips well after the thaw from a hard freeze.

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