Zwolle residents, businesses have been without running water for nearly 2 weeks now

Sabine Parish town hopes to have issues resolved Monday

Zwolle residents, businesses have been without running water for nearly 2 weeks now
Workers hand out water at the Zwolle Fiesta grounds. Resident Angie Parrie says that's across town and she has no vehicle. (Source: Town of Zwolle)

ZWOLLE, La. (KSLA) — It’s been weeks since Angie Parrie could wash her hair or her dishes or even flush her toilet.

“It’s becoming a public health issue at this point.”

Parrie is one of hundreds of people in Zwolle who have had no running water following historic back-to-back winter storms.

National Guard handing out water as Zwolle outage continues

Posts on the Sabine Parish town’s Facebook page say several lines busted throughout the area, causing widespread water issues. Starting Feb. 24, city workers turned off meters with the hopes of regaining “the capacity we need in the tank to supply the entire town.”

“At least when the snow and ice was here, we had something we could take and use to flush our toilets,” Parrie said.

According to the Sabine Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the National Guard has helped distribute 30 pallets of drinking water and 6,000 gallons of potable water from the Zwolle Fiesta grounds.

“That’s across town from me,” Parrie said. “I don’t have a vehicle.”

Zwolle residents, businesses still have no water

She said she hopes the town gets the water back up and running soon.

As of now, the town is hoping to have its water issues resolved Monday, according to its Facebook page.

Citizens of Zwolle: As of this morning, the water system is gaining pressure so it seems that things are on the up-side....

Posted by Town of Zwolle on Sunday, February 28, 2021

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