Some East Texans without running water for up to 12 days

Updated: Feb. 27, 2021 at 5:55 PM CST
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - For some East Texans, it’s now been 11 or 12 days since they’ve had running water because of the winter storm that came through almost 2 weeks ago.

And that wait continues as plumbers try to answer calls to fix broken and leaking pipes.

The sign on the front widow of Richard Parker Plumbing in Longview says “We are hiring for a plumber.” A plea for more help in a continuing effort to get water back on for all customers.

“Break after break after break. At some calls we’ve had four or five different leaks. We just left a business where we’re going to have to replace about 100 feet of pipe. Thank you, thank you for getting here. That is main thing they’re saying,” said owner Glen Parker.

Many homeowners have survived with bottled water, but no running water for cooking or bathing.

“Well they seem to be struggling. They seem to be getting along. They say thank you when we arrive,” said apprentice plumber John Garrett.

Parker Plumbing has had their crews out from sun-up to sundown answering calls. But there are still those without water they haven’t gotten to.

Adding to the effort is the fact that already scheduled work has to be addressed or re-scheduled.

“We’re still trying to get everybody’s pipes fixed but now we’re trying to getting everybody’s sewers that clogged since the freeze,” Parker said.

“You can see a sigh of relief when you get the water turned on and there’s no leaks,” Garrett said.

“We’re going to sleep one day. It’s not today,” said Parker.

Parker plumbing says it could be another week, ‘or more’, before they can get to everyone that has called for repairs on broken or leaking pipes.

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