Service businesses recovering from East Texas snow shutdown

Business Recovering From Storm
Business Recovering From Storm
Updated: Feb. 25, 2021 at 10:28 PM CST
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WOOD COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - East Texas businesses are trying to bounce back after the winter storm put them on pause for a week.

Service businesses across East Texas are trying to recover lost revenue from the snow storm shutdown.

“Very unnerving for anybody in a retail business. Anytime you see a hesitation you wonder how long that hesitation is going to last, " said Ira Price, co-owner of Richie’s Grill & Cafe in Wood county.

Suffering through the 2020 pandemic, and a week long shutdown from snow and ice put many in a tough situation.

Over the past three days, long lines have formed for oil change at Valvoline in Longview. For service oriented businesses one thing they didn’t take into account was supplies.

Impassable roads meant no water, food or material deliveries.

“There was a lot of runs to Sam’s and Brookshire’s for supplies. If I can’t get down the road, they can’t get down the road,” Price says.

The popular Judd’s in Longview opened in the middle of the pandemic, and then had to weather the weather.

“There’s the aspect of having to dig out, but we wanted to ensure the safety of our patrons and employees was critical,” said Judd’s co-owner Tommy Chacho.

Even attractions like World of Wonder in Longview had to close for the safety of it’s visitors.

“It was icy and you couldn’t even get traction to back out and leave. It wasn’t safe. It wasn’t safe for our ‘playologists’,” says WOW marketing director Beth Swindell.

Foremost was the loss of pay by employees.

“This is a speed bump along the way; a pretty big one for a lot of families,” Chacho says.

“We will adapt, we will survive this, we will go on,” Price says.

Many businesses we talked with said they had to close their doors for three to five days in some cases because of the arctic blast.

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