After Further Review: Five takes on Saints being on Russell Wilson’s wish list

After Further Review: Five takes on Saints being on Russell Wilson’s wish list
Russell Wilson reportedly has the Saints as one of four teams he would approve trade to.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Take One: Wilson is setting up his own terms of any deal

When your agent allows the biggest NFL insider to use his name in a tweet, you know it’s getting serious. In Russell Wilson’s case, Mark Rodgers straight up named the teams Wilson would approve a trade to.

This is their way of saying, if you’re going to trade me, you only have a handful of options. In this case there are four teams. Don’t waste anyone’s time negotiating with anyone else.

That’s why a no-trade clause is so powerful and so few players actually have them. There are a ton of teams with plenty of capital to offer an incredible deal for the Seahawks. But Wilson only has four he’ll entertain which obviously limits what Seattle can do.

Take Two: Yes, the Saints should have interest

Are you kidding? Of course they should have interest. Even more now that Wilson hand-picked the Saints as one of his suitors. The previous reporting in this situation felt more like speculating where Wilson would fit and the Saints were brought up. But the Schefter tweet was essentially Wilson telling those other teams come get me if you can.

The Saints are likely losing an elite/future hall of fame quarterback. How often can a team replace that with another one with similar credentials? You can’t say that about anyone currently on the roster or realistically available to them in the draft. All of that to say the Saints would be doing themselves a disservice to not at least consider a trade for Wilson.

Take Three: What it would take

It’s one thing to have interest. It’s quite another to strike a deal. To make a trade with a player of the magnitude of Wilson will take a lot.

For the Saints, the reality is their first round selection in 2021 is worse than the other teams reportedly involved. Any future first round picks would likely come with the assumption that they would also be later in the round with Wilson on that team.

Basically, any deal could potentially force the Saints to offer more draft choices and add at least one star player to the mix. In fact, in my opinion, other than Alvin Kamara and Ryan Ramczyk, I don’t think any other player would be off limits in this type of deal.

Take Four: What about Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston?

Hill will be back regardless unless he was dealt away and continue in the jack-of-all-trades role. Sean Payton has made no secret of the fact that he wants Winston back as possibly the starting quarterback.

However, should a clear upgrade be available, Payton would have to absolutely at least consider that option. Wilson is certainly an upgrade. If there was somehow a chance Wilson ends up in New Orleans, Winston would then sign elsewhere.

Take Five: Other Observations

- The salary cap situation would be tight but not unrealistic to bring a player like Wilson in. A $19 million cap hit for someone of Wilson’s magnitude is really not that high. It could force them to restructure a few more deals than they initially wanted or even cut a player that would have otherwise kept, but it can be done.

- Overall, I’m not sure a deal gets done with the Saints. But remember Sean Payton does not let anything stand in his way in pursuit of a player he covets. He traveled to Texas to try to get JaDeveon Clowney, a player clearly past his prime. Wilson is a cut above. Stay tuned.

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