Water pressure increasing for Greenwood residents

Water pressure increasing for Greenwood residents
Water distribution (Source: Tayler Davis)

GREENWOOD, La. (KSLA) - According to the Town of Greenwood, water pressure is steadily increasing due to residents refraining from using water.

The Town says 70% of customers are estimated to have at least some water at this time. They ask that residents still adhere to water restrictions in order to ensure continued progress.

However, as the water comes back on for residents, many people are still dealing with busted pipes.

Cathy Vailes said after her pipes thawed out she noticed her yard was flooded with water, and now a plumber says she has four busted pipes.

She believes because of the age of her home, her pipes weren’t insolated enough to handle the weather.

“I’m just thinking it’s just old pipes because this house was made in the late 40′s or early 50′s,” she said.

Sherie Whatley says she is having similar problems too.

“Behind my washer, when the water thawed out one of my copper pipes came loose,” she said.

Now, the city is getting many calls from residents in the area and they are turning off the pipes.

To help people have water in the city, Westview Christian Church gave out water and resident Mary Wright took advantage. She says she is still in high spirits even without much water.

“Who can you blame? Is it Gods fault that it snowed? Is it their fault that they couldn’t get people out to get their system up? Stop blaming and start cooperating like the churches are,” she said.

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