Sen. Bill Cassidy to face higher prop taxes after review

Sen. Bill Cassidy to face higher prop taxes after review
Sen. Bill Cassidy to face higher prop taxes after review

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy will have his Baton Rouge home reassessed to bring it up to a higher value, East Baton Rouge Tax Assessor Brian Wilson said Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The issue of Cassidy’s home possibly being valued too low was first brought up by an opponent in his re-election campaign last year.

The owner of a home near Cassidy will also likely face a higher assessment, Wilson said.

The change will mean the owners of both homes will most certainly have to pay higher property taxes going forward.

After the issue of Cassidy’s home assessment was raised during the last election, The Bayou Brief, an online newspaper, followed up with a lengthy article about the situation. For more info click here.

The newspaper reported that Cassidy’s 4,600 sq. foot home was assessed at just $358,100, despite him having a $720,000 mortgage on the home as of 2016.

The senator’s home is located off Dalrymple Drive, nearly adjacent to the campus of LSU.

Wilson said his office began looking into the issue as soon as he was made aware of it last year.

Wilson said Tuesday that the two homes in question were under-assessed because they were likely being compared to the value of nearby commercial properties and not other residential homes in the area.

And, Wilson said, the fact that the home is near LSU makes it difficult to accurately value because LSU properties are exempt from assessment.

The value of nearby homes and businesses are typically taken into account when determining an assessment.

Wilson said his office plans to reassess both Cassidy’s home and the one near it when the process is routinely done later this fall.

After the home is revalued, Cassidy will be sent a new tax notice.

If he does not appeal the new value, Cassidy will start paying higher property taxes going forward, Wilson said.

“The Cassidys have lived in their home for over 30 years and welcome the effort by the EBR Tax Assessor to ensure its assessments are up to date,” said Ty Bofferding, spokesman for Senator Cassidy.

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