East Texas plumbers, city officials give tips on reintroducing water into your home

East Texas plumbers, city officials give tips on reintroducing water into your home
KTRE's Jeremy Thomas spoke with some Lufkin plumbers about getting water back online in your home after the freezing winter weather.

(KTRE) - With boil water orders lifted, plumbers and city officials are asking you to take some additional steps to make sure water is flowing through your home and not causing additional damages.

Just off Atkinson Drive in Lufkin, Strickland Plumbing & HVAC trucks have been on the go for days.

“People not being able to shut their water off, pipes burst under the house, businesses without water trying to get back going to serve food,” said owner Kevin Strickland. “It’s been pretty eventful, to say the least.”

Strickland said with many people regaining water in their homes, problems can arise. He says once you make sure your water is turned back on at the meter, check your pipes and faucets.

“Go ahead and take off the aerator at the tip of the faucet because a lot of the water lines have trash in it and that’s usually the first thing that stops up,” Strickland said. “Basically, all you have to do is rinse it off, snap it back on there and reattach.”

Over in Nacogdoches, Director of Public Works Steve Bartlett said when the City’s water pressure is back normal, to turn on all faucets and hoses to allow water to flow and air to release.

“You’re going to get some water that appears to be dirty or brown,” Bartlett said. “We have some rusted pipes and silt. These things won’t necessarily harm you, but they are not desirable. So, we suggest you turn each one on until you see clear water flush out and until the air quits spurting out each faucet and then you can use it as normal.”

Bartlett said even though they have received the all-clear for people to drink the water, they will continue to flush lines and test water quality.

“That’s the biggest thing that causes breaks is air in these lines,” he said. “So, we may again stir it up a little bit so if you see some discolored water or some air, do the same process, flush it until you see clear water and you should be good.”

They say to also continue checking your house for leaks and consider additional skirting and insulation on the pipes.

“Check under your house if you are in a pier and beam house,” Bartlett said. “Check for leaks and continue to monitor your system. You can continue normal use; just keep your eyes open.”

If you run into a water-related issue, try to turn off your water at the meter and call your city’s public works department or a plumber.

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