City of Natchitoches restricts water usage

Officials declare an emergency, temporarily prohibit certain non-essential uses of water

City of Natchitoches restricts water usage
Among the uses of water temporarily prohibited in the city of Natchitoches are outdoor irrigation and the washing of driveways, sidewalks and other paved areas. (Source: wect)

NATCHITOCHES, La. (KSLA) — Natchitoches leaders today restricted some non-essential uses of water as the city works to restore service to all of its customers in the wake of back-to-back winter storms.

The goal is to help ensure there is sufficient water available for fire protections and to meet basic needs such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and toilet flushing, says a notice from the city.

The restrictions were announced after a meeting called by the mayor Sunday evening during which City Council members unanimously agreed to declare a water emergency.

Temporarily prohibited is the use of water for:

  • outdoor irrigation, except areas that use reclaimed water. (A schedule designating specific watering days may be implemented in place of a ban);
  • washing sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, patios and other paved areas;
  • outdoor water-based play apparatus;
  • outdoor misting systems used to cool public areas; and,
  • filling swimming pools, fountain spas or other outdoor water features.

The city also said:

  • A minimum operating efficiency level of two cycles of concentration is required for water-cooled space and equipment cooling systems.
  • Restaurants and other food service establishments are strongly advised against serving city water to customers.
  • Washing of cars trucks, trailers and other vehicles is strongly advised against except at facilities equipped with wash water recirculation systems.
  • Industrial clients are urged to scale back production as much as is practical in order to conserve water usage.


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