Shreveport group creates crowdsourced water outage map

Shreveport group creates crowdsourced water outage map
(Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - ReForm Shreveport, a group dedicated to building a better future for the city, has created a water outage map where Shreveport residents can voluntarily report their status.

According to the group, the form was built in less than an hour and allows people to choose if their water is running normally, running at low pressure or not running at all. The results were then collected and displayed on a live water outage map.

ReForm says thousands of people responded in the first few hours and thousands more have since viewed the map.

HOW IT WORKS: Interactive crowdsourcing map tracks who lacks water in Shreveport

“The results were staggering,” said Luke Lee, owner of Fusiform Design Workshop and architect of the ReForm Shreveport Water Outage Map. “It was immediately clear which neighborhoods have access to water and which ones do not. Down to the block level, data could be seen for which areas need repair service.”

The City of Shreveport requested access to the data from ReForm in order to help focus their efforts.

“This kind of real-time data collection is crucial in a crisis like this,” said engineer and ReForm Shreveport founder Tim Wright. “When data can be crowdsourced, it makes responding to citizens in need much more efficient.”

The outage map has made it clear that communication between citizens and their city is very important in times like these.

“This voluntary data collection underscores that communication with citizens in a crisis is paramount and that effective dialogue is a two way street,” said District B City Councilwoman and ReForm Shreveport co-founder LeVette Fuller. “People need to know that their voices are heard and needs can be communicated up the chain to decision makers. This is the future of how all residents can become more involved with their community.”

“ReForm Shreveport is at the cutting edge of creating a new way for citizens to change their city,” said filmmaker and ReForm Shreveport founding member Chris Lyon. “When thousands of people get involved in making the community better, it always gets better. Sometimes that move is small, but building a community is like football — it’s a game of inches. Every step we take forward is one that makes this community better.”

The form and map can be viewed online here.

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