CDC to issue school reopening guidance next week

(CNN) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will release guidance on reopening schools this coming week.

It has been almost a year of at-home learning for some students and many are ready to get back into the classroom.

A big concern is figuring out how to minimize the spread of COVID-19 before returning.

Even with guidance and regulations, CDC officials say community spread must be down before it is safe for teachers and students to reenter schools.

Not everyone wants to go back. Some teacher unions are resisting reopening schools amid fears of infection.

President Joe Biden has said he will work to reopen K-12 schools in his first 100 days in office, but made it clear he will defer to medical experts to dictate when that happens.

The president has signed multiple executive actions to help reopen schools and establish a national strategy to get the pandemic under control.

Biden is also pushing Congress to approve $170 billion for schools and colleges to help them operate safely in person or facilitate remote learning.

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