Food banks struggling after holiday donations

Food banks struggling after holiday donations
Food bank (Source: Tayler Davis)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The East Texas Food Bank and Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana are continuing to see an increase in people needing help during the pandemic.

Although many people give during the holidays, they are asking for people to lend a hand right now.

Lauren Barnes with the East Texas Food bank says there are two battles to be won right now: COVID-19 and food insecurity.

“Unfortunately, the increase need because of the pandemic isn’t going away,” she said.

Barnes said one-in-five people in east Texas are dealing with food insecurity, and over 250,000 people need help.

“These are families that have done everything by the book, go to work there are a lot of hard working families out there, you know there jobs have been impacted by this and now their coming to us for the first time ever,” said Barnes.

Northeast Louisiana food bank Executive Director Martha Marak said she has many concerns this year.

“We’re still concerned about children’s meals those that aren’t going to school are those nutritional needs being met,” she said.

Right now, the year isn’t starting that great with donations and volunteers.

“For January we have only had one organization do a food drive for us so we are behind,” Marak said.

This year they anticipate helping 75,000 people.

“We are supporting more families and nonprofits in ever in the history of the organization,” she said.

Food banks struggling post-holiday donations

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