Chucks and Pearls for first female VP

Chucks and Pearls for first female VP
Women across the country wore chucks and pearls on Inauguration Day to celebrate the new vice president. (Source: Tomiki Lewis)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Supporters of Vice President Kamala Harris found a unique way to celebrate her and show support on Inauguration Day.

“One of the things we saw along the campaign trail was Kamala wearing pearls and Chuck Taylors,” Attorney Felicia Hamilton said. “In honor of her, I’m wearing my pearls, as well as my Chuck Taylors.”

Several private groups sprang up on Facebook to encourage people to wear the accessories. On Wednesday, Jan. 20, women across the country sported pearls and Converse in support of the historic moment as Harris was sworn in as vice president.

“For a Black woman, pearls are a sense of pride,” Jocelyn Clark Blossom said.

She said she was delighted to see most of the Black women at her job participating.

Meanwhile, Tomiki Lewis sent her eight-year-old daughter to school in the pearls and Converse, as well.

“I wanted to explain to her, so she could understand what she’s witnessing,” Tomiki Lewis said. “She can see that she can be anything that she sets her mind out to be.”

Both Lewis and Hamilton said representation matters.

“I saw something today that said I’m wearing my Chuck Taylors today. But be careful of the glass on the floor, because she has shattered the glass ceiling,” Hamilton said.

They also said this was a good way to show solidarity and unity as a country.

“We can celebrate our differences, but together, we can go far,” Hamilton said.

Why are women wearing chucks and pearls today?

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