Limited unemployment benefits leave families struggling

Limited unemployment benefits leave families struggling
(Source: Gray News)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — By some estimates, only 60 percent of Americans who have filed for unemployment benefits are receiving them.

That means millions of others are left waiting, some for months on end.

That’s the case with Marcus Franks, who says it’s been so frustrating to wait for those jobless benefits day after day.

As he waits, bills are coming due. He’s getting late payment and shutoff notices. And calls from debt collectors continue.

“And it’s just been a waiting game. When I say waiting game, it’s been a waiting game,” Franks explained.

“Call after call, text after text, upload after upload, nothing’s getting handled. Nobody’s calling you. Nobody’s reaching out to you. But you’re reaching out to everybody else.”

Some out-of-work Bayou State residents still are awaiting unemployment benefits

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