Power outages leave many to fight cold for a second day

Power outages leave many to fight cold for a second day
Cannan Towers apartments (Source: Tayler Davis)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - After last week’s storm, there are many people still without power and SWEPCO says they are working diligently to get that power back on.

Swepco Representative Karen Wissing says working to get trees off of powerlines is just one of many obstacles crews are dealing with as they work to get the lights back on.

She says they’ve even had to call in outside help for assistance.

”We’ve got 400 line and tree personnel from across the Ark-La-Tex and Public Service of Oklahoma, our sister company, that have come in to restore services to customers,” said Wissing.

Wissing says on Jan. 10, more than 60,000 people were without lights because of the snow. She says right now, her concern is getting them on as quickly as possible.

”Well with this particular storm we had a lot of snow that weighed down on the powerlines and what happens then is the powerlines then came in contact with our trees which then created outages,” said Wissing.

Over at Cannan Towers Apartments, homes for seniors, property manager Debra Doskocil says they do not have lights right now.

“They’ve been without heat, they’ve been without a stove, and a refrigerator,” said Doskocil.

She says with her residents being 65, and up it’s tough for them.

”90 percent of them have illnesses that involve diabetes, heart conditions, mental conditions, you name it,” said Doskocil.

Doskocil says her only wish is for the electrical company to make them a priority.

”I’ve absolutely come to tears in the middle of night trying to get some help over here just thinking about me being at home where I’m warm and I think that they don’t have any sleep and how they’re sleep or not sleeping,” said Doskocil.

Doskocil says they are currently doing what they can to provide hot meals for the residents and she hopes things change soon.

”We’re not a nursing home, we’re not an assisted living, we are independent living for seniors, and I want to see us become recognized that we are a need facility, and SWEPCO has not been recognizing us as a need facility,” said Doskocil.

Doskocil said right now, they are asking for donated blankets. If you would like to donate call (318) 222-4230 during normal business hours.

Storm leaves senior living apartments without power

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