Starrville Methodist Church has first Sunday service since pastor was killed

Starrville Methodist Church has first Sunday service since pastor was killed
A week after their pastor was shot and killed, members and others gathered for the first Sunday service without their pastor. (Source: KLTV)

STARRVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - One week after Pastor Mark McWilliams was shot and killed in his own church, Starrillve Methodist Church members got together and held services.

The usual church members and some others showed for this morning’s service. Rod Sanford, a friend of McWilliam and a Starrville resident led the service.

“We had church this morning but we didn’t discuss the incident so much. What we did was discuss good against evil and what had happened,” Sandford said. “There’s so much evil in this world, and this is not just one incident that happened here. It’s happening all around the world.”

Sanford said the two men who run the church, Mike and Mark, could not be there, so he preached McWilliams’ sermon from last week. The message was about standing firm.

“The sermon was about standing up. Being a righteous man of God, doing what the word of God said to do,” he said. “And I went through that, and usually you don’t want to try and copy another pastor or make believe stuff, or who said this or who said that. You want it to come straight out of the word of the Lord, and that’s the way Pastor Mark was.”

While there was no question about having the Tuesday prayer group or Sunday service, Sanford said that there’s still lots of heartbreak.

“Her heart is broken, and all the people that go to church out here, their hearts are broken. And I knew him personally as a friend of mine, he’s been to my house,” Sanford said. “Our heart is also really broken about Mike Sellers being in the hospital over there. He got shot about four or five times, but the Lord is going to bring him out, hopefully.”

Mark’s wife, Rosemary, got up and shared some words as well.

“He gave his soul; he had nothing but passion when he preached,” she said. “What a heart. What a heart of Christ. So Lord, I am asking that we would honor him. Continue to honor him with that same passion for one another.”

Mark McWilliams’ funeral will be Monday afternoon. Visitation will be from 1 to 2 p.m. at Starrville Methodist church, and the burial service following at Starrville Cemetery.

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