Empty Kilgore school to become entertainment venue

Empty Kilgore school to become entertainment venue
WEBXTRA: Empty Kilgore school to become entertainment venue

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - When people say “old school” we all know they’re talking about something nostalgic from days gone by. Well, KLTV talks with a man who is renovating a Kilgore building into an event venue, and it really is old school, or an old school.

Britt Davis knows wine, and he knows a good price on an empty school when he sees it, so he bought it.

“I found this building because one of my friends owned it. And after the school had closed and it was just sitting abandoned, I called his son and I asked him, hey can we get that building from you, and he said what are you going to do with it?” Davis said.

Well, Britt wanted a permanent space to conduct his business: Britt’s Wine and Dine. Right now he uses:

“Different restaurants and we’ve done some things, and we pair wines and teach more wine education for people,” Davis said.

And he has a chef to prepare food to pair with the wines. He says the venue will be more than just empty spaces waiting for people to show up, it will be a:

“Cultural entertainment place where people can come in and learn and explore,” Davis said.

Outside he plans a vineyard, and inside a room may have a coffee shop or a small museum, and of course a place for sampling wine.

“We’ve got artisans from Dallas who come down and have expressed some interest in having a gallery and a studio,” Davis said.

Britt wants it to be a place where people:

“Learn about things, especially our history around here,” Davis said.

In fact he’s going to dedicate a room for memories of those who went to school there and hopes to:

“Restore not only the history but the building,” Davis said.

And as far as the auditorium he will:

“Use the stage for plays, maybe do some other kinds of events in here,” Davis said.

And the name of the place? Well, you can bet “old school” will be in there somewhere.

If you attended the Elder School in Kilgore, Britt Davis would like to hear your stories. Just click here.

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