2 Arkansans recount their experience at U.S. Capitol

“Those people that caused the trouble were not a representation of the people acting peacefully”

2 Arkansans recount their experience at U.S. Capitol
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(KSLA) — The day of the U.S. Capitol protests is one many Americans never will forget.

Thousands of people stormed the building Wednesday in protest of the 2020 presidential election, breaking into the Capitol and stopping the congressional count of the Electoral College votes.

Congress has since resumed the congressional count and disavowed the people who broke into the building.

And two women from Arkansas say this terrible day was not a representation of the people who came to Washington, D.C., peacefully.

Nancy Best and Cindi Talbot said they traveled to Washington, D.C., to have their voices heard on their views of a rigged election.

They say their day started at the White House with a peaceful rally in support of President Donald Trump. People cheered for America, sang patriotic songs and recited the pledge of allegiance.

Their group, which they estimated was close to a million people, then moved to the U.S. Capitol, where they continued a peaceful protest.

“We were shocked to see the images of people at the Capitol,” Best and Talbot said later. “Those people that caused the trouble were not a representation of the people acting peacefully.”

2 Arkansans recount their experience Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol

The two women remained at the U.S. Capitol building but then heard about the city curfew and went back to their hotel.

They say their goal of coming to the nation’s capital was to fight for voice as Americans. They believe the election was fraudulent and that their voices are not heard.

When asked about the Georgia’s secretary of state and governor certifying the results of the election, they continued to question the legitimacy.

“I have a granddaughter on the way and don’t want her living in a country that doesn’t listen to the voices of the people,” Best said.

Both women are planning to head home Thursday.

They stress that they want people to know that those who were disrespecting the country do not represent the people with good intentions who were there peacefully.


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