30+ hold prayer vigil for frontline worker battling COVID-19

Even while in an ICU bed, Jay Fussell manages to help those around him

30+ hold prayer vigil for frontline worker battling COVID-19
A vigil for a front-line working battling COVID-19 was held in Minden Wednesday, Dec. 30. (Source: KSLA)

MINDEN, La. (KSLA) — A prayer vigil was held Wednesday, Dec. 30 outside Minden Medical Center in support of Jay Fussell, a frontline hospice worker battling COVID-19.

His family recently reached out to the community asking for plasma donations in his name.

Health care worker battling COVID-19 still helps others from his ICU bed

“Minden has always been supportive of their own people,” said Mandi Hart, a friend of the family.

According to a Facebook post from Fussell’s wife, the Linwood LifeShare Blood Center location received many plasma donations for patients in Minden, and he received his first dose of plasma Tuesday afternoon.

“Not only did Jay get his,” read the Facebook post, “but I was told every patient in ICU who was waiting got some today or was going to receive some tonight because of our noise!”

Even battling his own fight, he still managed to help the people around him.

“Jay is always giving back to others. He’s given back to his community,” Hart said.

“The location in Shreveport was just bombarded with donations,” said St. Joseph’s Hospice chaplain Christina Sebastian. ”Because of that, Jay was able to get plasma last night, along with every patient here who needed plasma.”

Prayer vigil held for hospice worker with COVID-19

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