Texarkana couple feeds the homeless during holiday season

Texarkana couple feeds the homeless during holiday season
A couple in the Texarkana area decided to provide meals to the homeless this Christmas. (Source: KSLA)

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) — The spirit of giving is alive and well in 2020 in part by one Texarkana couple who set out to feed the homeless.

The hot meal was served on Christmas Eve morning to homeless individuals in the parking lot of the Texarkana Public Library under the guidance of Pastor Chris Gilmore.

Couple stays in giving spirit by handing meals out to the homeless

Gilmore says this event was to let them know they are loved and not overlooked.

“And put a little warmth in their life with hot chocolate and sausages and biscuits and gravy,” Gilmore added.

In 2019, Gilmore and his wife, Alicia, fed the homeless on Christmas Eve and said the gathering was small. Since then, the couple started a group called Christ Help Ministries. On Dec. 24, 2020, with the help of several volunteers, they were able to provide more food and other items to help the homeless survive the winter months.

Gilmore says this event hits home for him and his family.

“Me and my wife have actually been in this situation ourselves and we know how it feels to not have somebody help or feels like nobody wants you or nobody sees you,” Gilmore said. “So like I said, we just want to give back and make sure they understand there is somebody here that cares about them.”

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